MARCEL NEUENSCHWANDER is an abstract painter.


Mixed techniques: Acryl, oil crayon and oil pastel on canvas


Studio at Aarestrasse 2, CH-2555 Brügg, Switzerland





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1962      born in Bern, Switzerland

1968-79  Primary and secondary school, Hindelbank, Switzerland

1979-84 Academic studies with diploma in teaching at the Univerity for teaching in Bern, Switzerland

1985-04 Primary school teaching, various levels, Canton Bern

1994-95 Sabbatical, 6 month trip Southeast Asia and Australia

2004-05 Sabbatical, further world trip: North and Central America, the South Seas, Australia and Sri Lanka

2005-06 Teaching engagement for challenged youth in Biel, special projects

2006-      Adult education instructor at BFF Bern, Switzerland

2006-08 Masters Degree in Adult Education

2010-11 Additional teaching engagement at BBZ Biel, Switzerland






1980    Marks the beginning of my concentrated artistic activities, creating my first expressions of art autodidactically with any form of painting element I could find, oils, chalk, acryl, crayons, water colors, india ink, gouache, etc.

Additionally and to aid my understanding of art, I immersed myseilf in literature, theater, music and philosophy, which gave my paintings a personal form of completion, which otherwise would have been absent.

1991-96 First studio in Aegerten

1996-00 Studio in Nidau

2000-10 Studio in Pieterlen

2010-     Studio in Brügg

2013      First Exhibition outside of Switzerland

2014      Art project "I'mnart"

2016      Topic modification in the artworks





2016 BFF Bern, CH

2016 Mixed Art Basel, CH

2016 Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, P

2015 Kulturkommission Brügg, CH

2014 SCOPE Miami, USA

2014 Gurnigelbad, CH

2014 Agora-Gallery, New York, USA

2013 Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, I

2012 BFF Bern, CH

2011 Weyerhof Nidau, CH

2004 Galerie d'art et saveur, Neuchâtel, CH

2002 Alte Krone, Biel-Bienne, CH

2000 Alte Krone, Biel-Bienne, CH

1998 Kunstverein Lengnau, CH

1998 Alte Krone, Biel- Bienne, CH

1996 Bernafon AG, Bern, CH

1994 Gemeindehaus Port, CH

1994 Alte Krone, Biel-Bienne, CH

1993 Kunstverein Lengnau, CH

1993 Brunnenhof Hindelbank, CH

1993 Ruferheim Nidau, CH

1993 Kunsthalle St. Moritz, CH

1992 Bogensaal im Rathaus, Biel-Bienne, CH

1992 Alte Krone, Biel-Bienne, CH

1991 Zentrum PTT + Hotel Bellvue, Magglingen

1991 Galerie Flury, Biel-Bienne, CH

1990 Alte Krone, Biel-Bienne-CH